Blog Norms

In an effort to keep the conversation civil and open, all comments and posts will be reviewed prior to being posted. If you’d like to contribute, please adhere to the following norms:

1) Be mindful of how you might be perceived

We listen, ask clarifying questions before disagreeing, and consider others’ points of view as we express your own. We’re mindful both of how we absorb others’ words and how our words might be perceived by someone coming from a different background.

2) Assume positive intent

We assume that different opinions are based on legitimate experiences, and we assume that contributors adhere to the first norm. When we feel defensive, we assume the other person was only stating their honest belief and remember to stay focused on the issue at hand.

3) Keep Confidential Information Confidential

Many of us, particularly school employees, are privy to a great deal of confidential information. Some of this information may inform our views on issues discussed here. It is of the utmost importance that this information remain confidential and is not hinted at or implied in any way on a public blog.

4) Avoid placing blame

The point of this blog is not to decide who’s responsible for the things we don’t like. It is to help us all consider new and better ways forward. Discussions about the merit of past individual or group actions are not for this blog. Speak about the issue, not the individual.

5) Do not name individuals without their consent

Because this blog is public, no person should be named without their consent.


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